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    High-Speed Interconnects
Interconnect Technology
Banpil's High Speed Interconnects technology is patented and available for license.

These innovations span application areas including many high-utilization electronic and computing sectors including PC Boards, Graphics and Gaming Devices, Communication Equipment and Routers, SAN, and Network Analyzers for high-speed interconnects (both rigid and flexible). Banpil welcomes joint product development, custom design, and licensing of its high-speed interconnects technologies. Click here for details.
Interconnect Library
Banpil provides a compatible Interconnect Library for Agilent's Advanced Design System EDA Software. Banpil is an Agilent Component Vendor Partner. Banpil's Library enables high-speed and low-power designs.

It is packaged as a chip-to-chip interconnect family library making it easy for ADS users to install and use. The library currently includes models of Banpil's interconnects on FR4-PCB for chip-to-chip, board-to-board, rack-to-rack, and soon flexible-printed-circuit (FPC) solutions.

The library is available for free download. Download Banpil Interconnects Simulation Library for ADS.
Interconnect Simulation Tools
Banpil also provides High-Speed Interconnect Simulation Tools, a first of its kind that enables system designers to design and simulate chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and rack-to-rack interconnects incorporating Banpil’s patented metallic-interconnects capable of up to 40-Gb/s data transmission using conventional board materials (e.g. FR4).
The simulation tools helps engineers evaluate system-level performance when connecting Banpil’s interconnects with other components and help to increase performance by more than 6 times while significantly reducing power consumption by as much as 90% compared to conventional solutions.
Our new interconnect simulation tool S-Factor is available free of charge. S-Factor allows you to run simulations without the need for other EDA tools and generates S-Parameters. Please contact use to send you a free CD media for evaluation. Request Banpil S-Factor Interconnects Simulation Tools CD.

Request Banpil S-Factor Interconnects Simulation Tools CD.
Contract Services
Along with licensing its technology or independently, Banpil provides its expertise in high-speed interconnects on a project basis through Design Services and Reference Boards. Click here for details.
Banpil Testing Services
Banpil offers advanced testing solutions and services for next-generation systems. This includes high-speed interconnects and RF digital passive and active connectorised device testing. As a leader in the development and deployment of next-generation low-power high-speed systems, Banpil Photonics is uniquely qualified as a leader in testing and evaluating such high-speed systems. Click here for more details. Click here for details.
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