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    High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Solar Cells 
Banpil's photovoltaic products have applications in space (PV modules) and terrestrial On-Grid and Off-Grid applications (mono-crystalline and thin-film modules).
The Grid is the electric utility companies’ transmission and distribution system that links power plants to customers through high power transmission lines. On-Grid products supplement the main electric power grid with the added incentive of consumers and businesses selling excess electricity into the grid through a process called net-metering (rolling back the electric meter) where applicable.

Industrial Applications
For many years, Solar Energy has been the power supply of choice for Industrial applications, where power is required at remote locations. Banpil’s thin-film PV modules, which are capable of generating power at low light, and being high-energy concentrated on a smaller area, are especially well suited for off-grid applications, which often have to fall back on diesel powered backup generators to supplement power. Further, today’s lower power PV modules require more space, which is sometimes not available, to deploy additional module arrays to generate additional power as required.

Examples of Off-Grid industrial applications include systems that provide electric power to systems that are remotely located, or simply do not have easy and cheap access to the grid. These industrial applications include telecom repeater stations for microwave, TV and radio, telemetry, and radio telephones. In transportation signaling, solar energy powers offshore navigation buoys, lighthouses, aircraft warning lights on pylons or structures, and increasingly in road traffic warning signals.

Solar is used to power environmental and situation monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems (based on impressing a current) for pipelines, well-heads, and bridges or other structures. Other applications are power for weather stations, geographical-position systems (GPS) and signboards in remote locations.

Central Power Stations/ Solar Farms

Large scale solar electric power plants (solar farms) are central power applications that use solar energy in the same configuration that a Utility would utilize a major power station. Solar farms are being developed and planned worldwide as an alternative to fossil fuel, or nuclear power generation. These large scale power plants range in power output from 100 kW, grow in capacity to well over 1 MW and soon well over 100 MW.

Banpil's high-efficiency PV modules, especially thin-film based products which lower module price decreases, will continue to drive the growth of central power station development globally. This is because our optimized modules with concentrated higher power output are ideal to maximize space and output for the best ROI for power station operators.

Commercial Buildings and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Rooftop integration of PV modules on commercial buildings is ongoing and with the emergency of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) freeing businesses from the burden of PV equipment and installation, commercial applications will continue to pick up pace. Even better, high-efficiency thin-film PV modules such as Banpil's on glass substrates, the vertical walls of office buildings provide several opportunities for PV incorporation and turning those building into self-sufficient power generating structures that lower costs for businesses.

Remote and Urban Residential and Other Applications
Banpil's high-efficiency solar modules based on its platform technology that includes mono-crystalline, III-V, and thin-films will find applications in traditional applications including remote off-grid residential homes and holiday properties, on-grid residential, water Pumping, lighting, heating in the Developing World, and other recreational applications including portable power units.
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