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    High-Efficiency Thin-Film Solar Cells 
Banpil has invented a radically new patent-pending high-energy and cost-effective solar cell that will bring down the high cost of current solar power production to grid-parity levels and below.

Banpil thin-film based solar cell redefines the economic attractiveness of solar energy by boosting the solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency by three times over equivalent thin-films, which matches or exceeds the efficiency of crystalline silicon. It is also based on the most mature thin-film technology available.

The Banpil Thin-Film Photovoltaic (PV) module has the following key features:
  • Efficiency at 18% and above
  • Competitive with or even exceeds crystalline silicon based PV cells
  • More than triple comparable thin-film technology efficiency


  • Produces more than twice the energy (over 100% more) for the same area as other thin-film PV modules and matches crystalline silicon or exceeds it in some cases.
  • Power generation at approximately 180 watts per square meter or 16.7 watts per square foot.
  • Produces a high energy output over a wide range of weather conditions i.e. high module temperatures or at diffuse light – approximately 40 times higher light absorptivity than single crystalline silicon.

Minimal, Light & Flexible Materials

  • Low-cost thin-film PV –deposited as a thin layer on a substrate made from normal glass initially, plastic, metal, or any materials are also possible.
  • Uses 99% less silicon than crystalline silicon products.
  • Banpil thin-film that is only around one micrometer thick can absorb 100 percent of the usable solar energy received by it.
  • Thin-film technology 200 – 350 times thinner than crystalline silicon.
Environmentally Friendly
  • Uses non-toxic materials which make the modules environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.
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