Expanding the Boundaries of Optics and
Electronics Technologies
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    Company Overview
Banpil Photonics develops and licenses fundamental technology expanding the boundaries of optics and electronics. Since its founding in 2003, the company has developed an extensive patented intellectual property portfolio of high speed interconnects, Multispectral imaging sensors, and high-efficiency photovoltaic technologies.

Banpil innovations enable the development and manufacture of new generations of low-cost, high-speed, simplified electrical interconnects for chip-to-chip applications; multispectral image sensors for imaging, remote-sensing, and communication applications; and photovoltaic technology for solar cell applications. Technologies developed at Banpil have the unique attribute of high utilization in numerous market-focused applications today and in the next generation.

Banpil is especially proud of being a truly "green" technology company with a social responsibility orientation underpinning our business objectives. monitoring solutions respectively.

  • Banpil low-power high-speed interconnects reduce power consumption by as much as 90% while delivering the high-bandwidth demands of today's and tomorrow's IT world.
  • Banpil energy harvesting technology is contributing in a significant way in the ultimate "green" by more than doubling the power generation conversion efficiency and advancing renewable energy solutions today.
  • Our image sensors and biosensors are not only helping to keep us safe, but also help to save and improve the quality of life of many though simplified medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring solutions respectively.
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