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    Licensing & Partnerships
Strategic Partnerships Programs
Banpil seeks industry partnership through licensing, joint-ventures and co-development to expanding its innovative technologies into various electrical and optical interconnects applications, sensors, and solar applications. These applications, technologies and product applications are being commercialized by a growing group of partners, licensors and other collaborators.
Banpil has developed fundamental innovations for advanced high speed electrical and optical interconnect technology, multispectral (broadband or multicolor) image sensors, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, and bio-sensors. Its portfolio of more than 40 U.S. and international patents and pending applications also includes nanoscale building blocks as well as corresponding methods of manufacturing its technologies.

Banpil technologies are capable of use in a broad range of next generation applications providing customers with high performance and significant cost advantages.
High-Speed Interconnects (Rigid & Flex)
These innovations span application areas including many high-utilization electronic and computing sectors including PC Boards, Graphics and Gaming Devices, Communication Equipment and Routers, SAN, and Network Analyzers for high-speed interconnects (both rigid and flexible). Banpil welcomes joint product development, custom design, and licensing of its high-speed interconnects technologies.
Multispectral Image Sensors
Multispectral sensors applications are enabled in Automotive, Medical, and Security Imaging, Industrial/Machine Vision, Remote Sensing, and Communications. Banpil welcomes joint product development, licensing, manufacturing partnerships as well as camera IP core partnerships.
High-Efficiency Solar Cells
With the high-efficiency solar cell technology platform various categories of solar modules are possible including space and terrestrial applications using III-V or mono-crystalline silicon as well as various thin-film materials. Banpil welcomes manufacturing partnerships and licensing of our PV technology for applications in niches sectors of the solar market.
Banpil licenses its broad portfolio of patented innovations. For implementation of any of its technology licenses, Banpil provides engineering services to ensure its technologies are successfully integrated into customers' designs, system products and manufacturing processes. Banpil Photonics engineers have over fifty years of combined experience in optics, electronics and system design.

Banpil Photonics offers licenses to design, develop, and manufacture systems using Banpil technology. We generally respond to Requests for Proposal to develop prototypes for specific applications or products. Our proposal will include:
  • License to design

  • Engineering Services contract

  • Offer for Manufacturing License. A manufacturing license may be based on a one-time fee, royalties or a negotiated combination, depending upon the preference of our customer.
For licensing, please contact us at .
Development Partnerships
Banpil is actively pursuing opportunities to adapt its technologies into new system designs. Our high speed interconnect technology is compatible with today's and future manufacturing of IC packaging, substrates, connectors, PCBs, and backplanes. Our multispectral sensors are well suited for integration with camera core or IP partners to deliver complete next generation imaging systems. We are available to work closely in consultation with partners for development of prototypes and proof of concept vehicles in a wide variety of applications. For development partnerships, please contact us at .
Manufacturing Partnerships
As a company focused on innovation that enables next generation products, Banpil is seeking manufacturing partners who already have the experience and infrastructure to enable products to quickly come to market. Banpil seeks manufacturing partnerships particularly for its sensor and solar technologies.  For manufacturing, please contact us at .
Contact Us
Banpil continues to generate and develop promising new applications expanding the boundaries of optics and electronics through innovations. To explore new applications, significantly extend the capabilities of existing applications, or for licensing, development, and manufacturing partnership opportunities with Banpil Photonics, please contact us at .
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