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    Banpil Testing Services
Banpil Testing Services

Banpil offers advanced testing solutions and services for next-generation systems. This includes high-speed interconnects and RF digital passive and active connectorised device testing. As a leader in the development and deployment of next-generation low-power high-speed systems, Banpil Photonics is uniquely qualified as a leader in testing and evaluating such high-speed systems.

Banpil is concurrently leading the industry in developing and deploying new advanced tools, solutions and services previously not available, that are required to meet the requirements of designers and developers of next-generation high-speed systems.

By using its expertise and unique capabilities not available at traditional testing facilities, Banpil’s Testing Services offers customers a one-stop destination providing expert services from the design phase, through to fabrication and custom design evaluation and testing of systems. Services also include training and consulting, and custom tools, as well as exceptional high-speed interconnect and RF expertise not available anywhere else.

First-Class Top-Line Lab Equipment & Facilities

PCB Measurements

Banpil has specialized measurement and simulation capabilities for signal integrity of high speed PCBs.

Customers developing next generation high speed systems are migrating to large PCBs and backplanes, which introduce unique measurement challenges and signal integrity problems. These backplanes have very long signal paths, with frequency dependent losses, are often differential, and can traverse multiple linecards, switchcards, edge connectors and discontinuities like vias. While tools like TDR oscilloscopes and vector network analyzers (VNAs) allow measurement on almost any interconnect structure on a PCB, proper signal launching, calibration and de-embedding of measured data is critical for obtaining accurate measurements.

With experience and expertise in developing and delivering next-generation large and thick backplanes for customers, Banpil has developed proprietary custom techniques to obtain high-bandwidth, low-parasitic measurements on such interconnects. Banpil uses a combination of the direct TDR oscilloscope and the VNA for measurements; together with its capabilities for both single-ended and direct differential measurements. By using the calibration capability of the VNA, we have great success in extracting very accurate S-parameter measurements that can be used to evaluate the PCB performance, and model PCB structures and materials as per our customer requirements.


Measurement Offerings

  • PCB Materials properties
  • Full Signal Path Measurements
  • Four-Port VNA capable to measure up to 50 GHz and TDR measurements
  • Single-ended transmission line characteristics
  • Differential-ended transmission line characteristics
  • PCB Characterization
  • Die characteristics having connectorized module
Measured Data Output
  • S-Parameters
  • Impedance
  • Differential Impedance
  • Attenuation
  • Propagation delay
  • Eye Patterns
  • Mixed-mode S-parameters
Differential VNA/TDR Measurements

The Agilent N5244A series physical layer test system (PLTS) is the premier signal-integrity solution for designing and validating high-speed digital interconnects. PLTS combines frequency-domain, time-domain, and eye diagram analysis to provide a comprehensive view of device performance. Measurement based model extraction provides the most accurate models of components, such as printed circuit boards, connectors, backplanes, IC packages, cables, and flexible interconnects. With this top of the line industry leading equipment, Banpil has the capabilities to model and validate the interconnect performance of high-bit-rate standards and customer requirements.

Standard & Custom Design Software & Simulation Tools
  • As a cutting edge innovator in the field of high-speed low-power interconnects, Banpil is years ahead of traditional high-speed interconnect and RF tool makers. As such Banpil has created its own custom design software and simulation tools to allow design engineers advanced access to Banpil innovations.
  • Banpil’s S-Factor Simulation Software allows designers to incorporate Banpil Interconnects into systems designs and simulate performance as well as generate S-Parameters. Input & Output touchstone files can be imported & exported to & from other EDA tools for further simulations. 
  • In addition, for the design engineer who prefers the familiarity of Agilent’s ADS EDS, Banpil provides a compatible Interconnect Library for high-speed, low-power design.
Training & Consulting
  • Recognizing that every customer has unique requirements to satisfy, Banpil provides training and consulting services that are customized to specific client’s needs. Banpil’s team can come to your location or host clients at its facilities in Santa Clara, CA to meet specific objectives.

Please contact Banpil to help you asses you design, evaluation, and testing needs for the most efficient high-speed systems development.

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