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    S-Factor Simulation Software
S-Factor Interconnect Simulation Software Tools

S-Factor is a high-speed interconnects design simulation tools software from Banpil. S-Factor is a first of its kind software that enables system designers to design and simulate chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and rack-to-rack interconnects incorporating Banpil’s patented metallic-interconnects capable of up to 40-Gb/s per channel data transmission using conventional board materials (e.g. FR4). S-Factor helps engineers evaluate system-level performance when connecting Banpil’s interconnects with other components and helps to increase performance by more than 6 times while significantly reducing power consumption by as much as 90% compared to conventional solutions.

S-Factor is packaged on a free standing software CD (also available for download) as a chip-to-chip interconnect simulation tool making it easy for users to install and use. S-Factor currently includes models of Banpil’s interconnects on FR4-PCB for chip-to-chip, board-to-board, rack-to-rack, and soon flexible-printed-circuit (FPC) solutions. With the release of S-Factor, users are able to generate and save S-Parameters with Banpil tools without the need for third-party EDA software.

S-Factor adds to a rich set of simulation technologies by enabling designers to fully characterize and optimize 20-Gb/s and above designs for next generation applications in high-speed systems. System designers now can incorporate Banpil’s breakthrough high-speed interconnects and other components into their integrated design environment for system and circuit simulation, along with S-Parameters capabilities including touchstone files for import and export with other EDA tools.

S-Factor helps engineers to design next generation high-speed systems. Banpil is now able to provide system designers with first-hand opportunity to exploit, analyze, and verify tremendous performance enhancements that our high-speed interconnects are capable of providing. Our metallic-interconnects requiring significantly less power to drive high-speed signals. Banpil interconnects can make >10-Gb/s signals in over 1.5-meter long rigid-FR4 printed-circuit-board (PCB) and >20-Gb/s in over 2-meters long FPC a reality that architects now can design, simulate, and implement into their practical systems applications, In addition, design-simulation results obtained using S-Factor are well correlated with experimental results.

S-Factor Simulation Data Inputs
Designers can select between single-ended and differential-ended transmission line types with choices for VIA, micro-stripline and stripeline elements to simulate multilayer end-to-end interconnects. Further, S-Factor provides the designer with the opportunity to compare the difference in performance between using standard interconnects and Banpil's innovative high-speed and low power interconnects in their designs.
S-Factor Simulation Data Inputs
S-Factor Simulation Data Outputs
S-Factor independently generates and saves S-Parameters in the form of touchstone files and graphs including Rectangle and Smith Chart plots.

S-Factor Simulation Data Outputs

The S-Factor output touchstone files are exportable to other EDA tools such as Agilent’s ADS, Ansoft’s Designer Tool, etc. As such designer can obtain system level performance simulation results in those tools. Similarly, S-Factor can import touchstone files from other EDA tools to simulate end-to-end interconnects with other components.


How to Get S-Factor Software

S-Factor is offered on a 15-day free trial period after which a full license is required. S-Factor requires users to have a Windows PC environment to install and operate. Support for other platforms is in development. S-Factor can be requested free of charge from Banpil’s website at www.banpil.com/designtools.htm.

After designing and running simulations of Banpil high-speed interconnects, users need to contact Banpil at http://www.banpil.com/contact_us.htm regarding production implementation and licensing options. Banpil also welcomes opportunities to work with system vendors on new applications.
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