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    High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Solar Cells 
Banpil has invented a high-efficiency photovoltaic cell platform technology which can be used to design, develop, and manufacture solar power cells, modules, panels, arrays and systems that provide reliable and environmentally clean electric power. Banpil’s PV has a unique and innovative cell structure which can use almost any material in use for PV today and turn it into a high-efficiency PV cell.

Banpil has already proven and demonstrated its high efficiency PV cell platform technology in Mono-Crystalline Silicon, III-V, and several Thin-Film materials including amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS).

High-Efficiency Mono-Crystalline PV
Banpil’s patent-pending mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic module in comparison to standard silicon modules, features a high conversion efficiency of greater than 50% while the industry currently averages 18-20%, Banpil PV delivers 200% more energy for comparable sized modules, and uses 5 times less silicon for comparable energy output.

Utilizing Banpil’s PV module technology will help preserve silicon, the basic solar cell material, which is expensive and in short supply in recent years and going forward, by improving the energy output per given area of solar cell surface.

High-Efficiency Space PV
III-V semiconductors, GaAs and in particular InGaP, have direct bandgap and high reliability which make them ideal candidates for the realization of high efficiency solar cells; they have been successfully used as power sources for satellites in space, where they are able to produce electricity from sunlight with an overall efficiency of around 25%. However, with these materials also being used in high power and high frequency applications, they are expensive (over 10-times more than standard PV) and confined to space applications.

Banpil’s patent pending innovation in III-V materials and PV enables ultra-high efficiency exceeding 50% making their use much more cost effective in space applications than current alternative solutions.  By providing more than 100% more energy for equivalent area, Banpil is able to reduce the area need and, therefore, the cost of these cells can be reduced and will eventually find markets also in terrestrial applications.

High-Efficiency Thin-Film PV
Banpil has invented a radically new patent-pending high-energy and cost-effective thin-film solar cell that will bring down the high cost of current solar power production to grid-parity levels and below.

Banpil thin-film based solar cell redefines the economic attractiveness of solar energy by boosting the solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency by three times over equivalent thin-films, which matches or exceeds the efficiency of crystalline silicon. It is also based on the most mature thin-film technology available.

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