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    Multispectral Image Sensors
High-Performance Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) Product Line and Design Services
Banpil provides its own innovation in the electronic readout circuitry ROIC design required to capture and process optical signals from the Multispectral Image sensor converted into electrical signals for image processing by DSP chips in cameras.
Banpil’s B92-640C is a VGA (640x512-pixel) resolution CMOS Digital Readout Integrated Circuit (ROIC) for next generation high performance 2-D array image sensors that require high-sensitivity, low-noise, and high dynamic range. It can operate at high frame rates up to 800 frames per second (FPS) at full VGA resolution while maintaining a low power profile. It is compatible with various material systems focal plane arrays for VIS-SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR imaging.

Product Number

Pixel Size

Number of Effective Pixels

Frame Rate (Max) Frames/s

Spectral Range

B92-640C 15 x 15 µm 640 x 512 800 FPS 0.4 - 12 µm
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