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    Other Imaging Applications

Banpil Multispectral Image Sensor (BMIS) will enable camera systems that can sense light beyond the visible spectrum into the infrared have many uses in both commercial and scientific/military applications. BMIS will enable the development and production of camera cores and components that will work in a variety of applications, and at highly competitive cost points enabling a number of new products and capabilities.

Other specific BMIS target markets and applications are as follows:

Commercial Security / Law Enforcement - 24/7 Perimeter security solutions, facilities monitoring and hand-held reconnaissance

Remote Sensing - Visible and infrared wavelengths show visual details as well as heat signatures of aircraft and other objects

Military - Night vision application for weapons sights, driver vision enhancement, hand-held reconnaissance and force protection.

Industrial / Scientific - Machine vision, spectroscopy, medical and scientific measurement applications.

Consumer Applications
- BMIS can enable new features in conventional photography by bringing Near UV, visible, SWIR, and Near Mid-IR to the masses in Mobile Camera Phones, Digital Still Cameras, and Digital Video Cameras capable of unique night vision and other hazy condition photography without using flashes.

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