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    Medical Imaging Applications

Banpil Multispectral Image Sensor (BMIS) technology which has capabilities superseding the current leading image sensor technologies (CCD & CMOS), is uniquely suited for medical imaging applications, and is poised to bring the advanced technology that medical device makers need to improve diagnosis of deadly diseases such as cancer while also improving patient safety and comfort by enabling low cost disposable endoscopes.

Problems with Traditional Endoscopy

  • Traditional endoscopy technology more than 30 years old
  • Insertion and movement through natural openings very uncomfortable for patients
  • Sedation is often required especially for oral insertion
  • Endoscope reused for different patients
    - Long and thorough disinfection and sterilization required
    - Risk of cross-infection
  • Difficult to use, requires specialist
  • Cannot examine certain areas of GI tract

Banpil Multispectral Image Sensor Solution: Disposable Endoscopes & Video Capsules

  • Single-Use Endoscope
  • Used for colon-cancer screenings and other gastrointestinal procedures
  • Current endoscopes are expensive cumbersome instruments
    - Require a 50-minute cleaning cycle after each use
    - Resulting in a backlog of procedures
  • Disposable Endoscope product would be cost effective
    - Allowing for more exams to be done on any given day
  • Over 20 million colonoscopies performed every year in the US
  • Strong demand for single-use endoscope system anticipated

New Application: Multispectral Tomography

  • Multispectral light (Near UV, Visible, SWIR, Near Mid-IR) is beamed towards target (patient)
  • Light is reflected and detected by Banpil sensor array
  • Analysis of changes in refraction index and wavelength of reflected and/or pass-through light determine disease or cancerous tissue
  • Quick, painless, non-invasive
  • Safe - No radiation or magnetic resonance involved (advantage over X-ray, MRI, CT & PET scans
  • Comfortable no claustrophobia like in modern medical imaging

New Application: Digital X-Ray Imaging Sensor

  • Banpil's sensor can be used for taking digital X-rays
  • High Quantum Efficiency, High Sensitivity, High Dynamic Range
  • Broad spectral range (Near UV, Visible, SWIR, Near Mid-IR)
  • Low X-ray exposure, shorter duration for patient safety
  • Real-time adjustments when taking X-ray, no film, immediate processing
  • Well suited for mammography

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